We have often come across multiple ads, over-the-counter supplements resembling health benefits, often seen celebs promoting the usage of health supplements for a healthy body, and of course, heard from our neighbors and friends talking about the benefits of nutritional supplements. 

All these scenarios have always created room for numerous questions in my mind why do I have to take these herbal supplements, do I really need them? Can’t I just rely on natural food for my nutrient requirement? 

Read further to know why we really need nutritional supplements?

In this age of global warming, rising pollution, decline in the air quality, and usage of pesticides we are exposed to more toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and thousands of types of chemicals present in the food or environment. 

Also, nowadays we are mainly dependent on processed food; in the journey of processing you lose nearly 70% of the total nutrients. All these factors put a burden on the nutrient reserve of our body. 

These concerns have made it nearly a necessity for humans to take up additional Nutrional supplements to keep up with the nutrient reserve of our body and build a healthy and strong immunity system. 

Studies show those who take supplements may already have more nutritious diets than those who don’t.  

Supplements are products that can be taken orally in several ways, including tablet, gummies, liquid, or powders. They aim of these supplements is to increase your intake of certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes through sources that are either extracted from food or made synthetically.  

If you are looking for dietary supplements which will aid weight loss and inhibit unhealthy blood fat production you can try NatureCode’s several health supplements. These supplements are also a good source of immunity booster and antioxidants.

What are the rules? Do we really need the supplements?

Even with a lousy and healthy super food diet, we can stay fairly healthy through our initial 30 to 40 years of life. But if we want to achieve optimum health and maximum life span, the nutritional bare bones just won't cut it. We need to eat nutritious foods, and we need and mainly require taking supplements. 

Some people may simply require more of certain nutrients as compared to others. Children and older adults tend to need a bit extra, as do pregnant women.

The foods that we eat today which we consider as “healthful & healthy” have actually been stripped of their nutrients before they get to our plates. 

To cut short nutrient deficiency has become a norm in today's world due to lifestyle changes and other environmental factors. Sourcing your nutrients solely from your food may not be enough. 

It may need a booster to maintain the nutrient balance in the body, hence consuming dietary supplements shall be considered by anyone who needs to keep in check their nutrition balance.

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