One of India’s supreme contributions to humankind – along with the discovery of zero and yoga – is Ayurveda, a healthcare system with an older clinical knowledge than any other medical system.

Ayurveda is generally referred as 'science of life' as the Sanskrit significance of Ayu is life and Veda is science or acquaintance. So why do we know so petite about it? Let’s dive deep and learn more.

What is Ayurveda? 

Ayurveda, “science of life knowledge,” is based on the monotonous laws of nature. Whereas Western medicine focuses on identifying peripheral pathogens and controlling disease from the outside, Ayurveda focuses on controlling the disease by intensifying the prana, or life force, within the person. It is both anticipatory and healing. And, being a holistic medical system, it seeks to bring all of a person – body, mind, and spirit – into equilibrium. As infectious diseases return, and superbugs are on the mount, antibiotics lose their effectiveness, and it becomes essential to strengthen our immune systems. Ayurveda can be of assistance. The terms, Ayurveda & health, both go well together as Ayurveda is the only natural healing process for good health.

 Ayurveda secrets for good health

Here are some preeminent kept health benefits of Ayurveda. Let us comprehend them.

  1. For long and strong hair:

According to Ayurveda, hair loss is generally caused due to the consequences of the pitta dosha which oversee our metabolism and digestion. An additional reason could be certain hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss in men and women. The nutrients we consume support the hair follicles.

  1.  For flawless, glowing skin:

Say no to chemicals because there are more than a few Ayurvedic herbs that can perk up your skin texture naturally. Chandan or sandalwood is considered to be one of the unsurpassed Ayurvedic skin soothers. It has a cooling and reassuring effect on your skin and can be used to recover skin tone, treat acne and do away with blemishes.

3.  For better digestion and stomach problems:

Ayurveda can endow with simple solutions to most of our stomach problems like gas, bloating, and indigestion just by analyzing what we eat and how we eat. It could be as essential as making sure you sit down and eat and your stomach needs to be in a comfortable posture to be able to function successfully.

4.   For stronger immunity: 

As per Ayurveda, when the digested food converts into Ojas in our body it gives us strength and builds our defense mechanisms but when it produce Ama it lower's our immunity. Spices play an imperative role in boosting your immunity by supporting different functions.

5.  For weight loss:

Digestion is a very significant conception in the Vedic ritual of Ayurveda which influence most of your body functions. To speed up your weight loss, your digestive system should be really strong and energetic. Ayurveda suggests that you eat your biggest meal of the day at noon when the Agni is at its strongest - not early morning when it is lethargic and not even late at night when it is sluggish.

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