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Party Rock®

Party Rock®

Supports Complete Liver Health.

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Dietary Supplement - 60 Veg. Capsule

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PARTY ROCK Capsule is specially formulated to detoxify, rejuvenate and protect the liver from the effects of harmful toxins present in the body. This blend contains Milk Thistle, Bhumiamla, and Dandelion which are powerful antioxidants that improve liver function and support complete liver health which is important for the overall health of a person.


  • Supports liver health
  • Promotes liver detoxification
  • Strengthens the Liver
  • Encourages liver cell regeneration
  • Aids the Liver to flush out toxins

How to take

01 Capsule a day with water half an hour before meal.

Who can take

  • Anyone who wants to clean out their liver from toxins
  • People who wish to nourish & strengthen their liver tissues
  • People who have a sluggish & alcoholic fatty liver
  • People who need their liver to function properly



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vishal Rawal

It is a nice product, works well for me and got effective results. Would surely recommend it to people who need to fix their liver issues.

Prashant bhati

Amazing product with great result as it supports liver health and helps to strengthens the liver.


It is a good liver supplement and an appropriate health supplement for liver detox. Thanks to nature code.


Nice product..very helpful for making liver help to flush out toxins from the liver ..


Good product with nice packing.



Milk Thistle contains an active ingredient Silymarin that acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radical production which supports liver detoxification and regeneration.


Bhumi amla contains various antioxidant, antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory properties. It is known for protecting the Liver as it decreases insulin resistance & reduces the number of fatty acids in the liver.


Dandelion contains active polysaccharides, which support the ability to produce bile and helps the liver to filter out the harmful chemicals.


1. Does Party Rock help in fatty liver ?

Yes , Party Rock contains Silymarin (Milk Thistle ) which helps in reducing the inflammation in the liver and promotes cell repair . Party Rock capsules also help in rejuvenating & protecting the liver from harmful toxins and may also be useful in liver disease like jaundice , cirrhosis & fatty liver .

2. Can I take Party Rock with any other NatureCode products ?

Yes ! Party Rock and other NatureCode products can work together in the same routine as per the directions written .

3. For how long , do I need to take Party Rock capsules ?

We recommend to use Party Rock capsules for three months and depending upon your lifestyle & needs you can continue to take it .

4. Is it suitable for men & women ?

Party Rock capsules are suitable for both men & women . All NatureCode products can be used by men or women.

5. Can I take Party Rock , along with my allopathic medicines ?

Yes , Party Rock is a natural & ayurvedic supplement which can be taken with allopathic medicines .

6. Is Party Rock approved by FSSAI ?

Yes , Party Rock is a FSSAI & FDA approved product .

7. Is Party Rock made in an FDA approved manufacturing facility ?

All of our products are made in a GMP & ISO certified company owned manufacturing facility . This means that we have full control over the product quality standard’s and ensure that every product has the right purity , strength & composition .

8. Are Party Rock capsules vegan & gluten free ?

Yes , Party Rock capsules are pure , vegan ,gluten free & does not even contain any artificial colors .

9. In how much time , I can see the results ?

One can see the visible results in 15 days of regular usage and for best results we recommend a course for 3 Months . The results can vary due to interpersonal reasons.

10. Are there any side effects ?

No , Party Rock does not have any side effects as it is a natural herbal supplement.

11. Do I need to follow any special Diet while taking this Party Rock Supplement ?

We recommend to include citrus fruits like apple , grapes , lemons as well as vegetables like cauliflower , brussels sprouts and cabbage in your daily diet .

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